Fran Rooney

Fran Rooney is Executive Chairman of the Company and is an extremely successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is a Barrister at Law and qualified Chartered Accountant. He built Baltimore Technologies to become a global enterprise with a market capitalisation of $13.6 billion in the data security and cryptography industry. Mr Rooney has led a number of organisations to successful capital market listings.  He has considerable experience at Chairman and CEO level on the NASDAQ London Stock exchange and  London AIM Market.  Mr Rooney also has substantial experience with other capital fundings such as STO, IPO & ICO.

Loughlin Nestor

Loughlin Nestor is an award winning entrepreneur with extensive experience in startups  working with both public and private sectors. Disruptive thought leader, advisor to Government and State Agencies on entrepreneurial policy. To date policy initiatives have created 2,200 jobs with a combined turnover of €137m. Established network in EU and North America. Mr Nestor also has considerable experience of capital funding , STO, IPO & ICO.

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