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Blocknubie provides latest technology and affordable online health diagnosis for everyone worldwide.

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Imagine a world where healthcare is available to all online

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We constantly focus on the emerging needs of our customers and are passionate about
exceeding the best care built on the best emerging technology.

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As the world changes so quickly, we work to anticipate this change so that we can change our focus to these issues.

We are relentlessly researching emerging trends and build our changing solutions with scale and speed essential.

Blocknubie Care

Patient Care Application

The application allows a patient’s condition to be diagnosed and an appropriate AI driven course of action to be determined. Depending on the symptoms and severity entered by the patient, the system  may recommend a visit to a qualified pharmacist, an appointment with the GP/Family Physician, or contact the Hospital Emergency Department or call emergency services. The system can also provide a diagnosis online to a Doctor or Specialist Consultant. 

Diagnostic Dashboard

Blocknubie provides a Diagnostic Dashboard which provides analysis of data provided  to the system. The dashboard uses natural language processing, machine learning and ontology APIs in the Blocknubie platform to provide diagnosis on the basis of symptoms input and recommends appropriate treatment

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