Blocknubie is a decentralised Ecosystem for Blockchain Startups

What is BlockNubie?

Blocknubie is a decentralized start-up ecosystem and market economy targeted at resolving the challenges of starting a successful blockchain business.

Blocknubie aims to simplify and automate the start-up process from ideation through to customer acquisition.

Blocknubie will facilitate onboarding of traditional entrepreneurship onto the blockchain

The platform guides end-users and blockchain startups towards setting up your business quickly and effectively, complemented with a number of DApps to enhance success, structure and speed of the process

As a decentralized market-based economy Blocknubie focuses on meeting all of Blockchain startup needs including development tools, advisory services and most importantly capital and investment.

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Our Process

Stage 1


Stage 2

Proof of Concept

Stage 3


Stage 4

MVP (Alpha+Beta)

Stage 5

Customer Acquisition

Stage 6




Blocknubie simplifies and automates the startup process. It builds a highly personalised and structured roadmap based on each unique blockchain concept, location, market data and timeframes. This roadmap will utilise advanced artificial intelligence to map a path to success.and allows entrepreneurs to simulate their ideas in a sandbox to rapidly validate and prototype their ideas


Blocknubie includes a purpose-built platform service layer to facilitate deployment with products and services that leverage the underlying data and technology. The service layer solutions are highly diverse, from deep domain learning tools to funding mechanism to facilitate startups within Blocknubie


Blocknubie manages and tracks each startups progress, assign tasks in confidence to trusted advisors while constantly monitoring the likelihood of success. Blocknubie adapts with responsive, resilient, elastic and message driven services to meet the demands of new blockchain business ideas


Systematic approach towards customer acquisition,Blocknubie brings together a fractured support service and creates a marketplace economy. Services signing up to the marketplace utilise a single transferable legal agreement that allow services to be rapidly on-boarded.

Blocknubie Economy