Blocknubie is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform

It enables startups and established business to avail of a suite of advanced AI solutions to integrate, accelerate, automate and scale their blockchain business.

What is Blocknubie?

Blocknubie allows for the democratization of complex, expensive and out-of-reach technology solutions to business users en-mass. Blocknubie provides the user with a set of strategic technology solutions to guide them through the complex steps of developing and scaling their business.

Blocknubie will consolidate multiple AI solutions into one unified platform for a diverse range of business users. Blocknubie helps businesses grow quickly and scale by providing access to enterprise strength Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Processing Automation, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology.


Blocknubie helps businesses grow quickly and scale by providing access to enterprise strength Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Processing Automation, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology.

Previously such technologies were the preserve of very large companies with deep pockets, but Blocknubie is now democratizing access to these powerful tools through its accessible and affordable platform.

In addition, businesses of any size from start-ups to established companies can become a member of Blocknubie’s growing network and plug into phenomenal and powerful tools via our AI as a Service flexible model.

It is like having a team of consultants, statisticians, and experts viewing your processes, calculating increments and providing continuous dashboard feedback on a loop.

The user decides how automated they want the process to be, from full implementation to outsource of tasks on a case by case basis through our open sourced, integrated AI Marketplace.

This Blocknubie business loop helps the user hone the best version of their business model time and again. This is the new way to drive business expansion. Blocknubie provides enterprise grade tools to allow users to develop and present the very best enterprise version of their business.


Technical Overview and Platform Highlights

Blocknubie’s AI platform is essentially a distributed computing architecture for deploying new kinds of smart contracts to facilitate business interactions with Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Processing Automation, Natural language processing and Machine Learning solutions which provides the user with a set of strategic technology solutions simplifies and orders the step by step tasks for businesses to succeed.

Effectively Blocknubie enables its users to accelerate the growth of their blockchain business by using a suite of AI technology solutions, maximising today’s ultimate computer power.

With the continuing update and automation through Blocknubie’s AI platform each project and use case will evolve and enhance the outputs of the system for the next user. Blocknubie deep learning will be a highly dynamic AI system developed on cognitive learning abilities, autonomic task management and emotional intelligence.

User inputs.
Ideation service.

Blocknubie’s AI platform will prepare detailed data outputs such as market opportunity, funding requirements through to the competitive advantage and sector analysis. Our runtime NLP model creates an initial smart contract of the users’ business model which contains all its features and data.

User Realtime update.
Dashboard service.

The solutions from the dashboard include AI toolsets, federated AI models that improves the users’ overall business model and Deep learning which analyses the business model or subsets of the model and predicts an outcome. Blocknubie’s Dashboard Service provides a tuned business model – the users updated smart contract. This feeds and loops back into the RPA service.

User Outputs.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service.

Blocknubie RPA enables everyday business tasks, processes and operations to be fully automated or outsourced by tuned and improved smart contract generation. These tasks can range from MVP build , ICO Advisory  services through to User Acquisition and Legal Services available through Blocknubie’s network of expert service providers. 

Blocknubie Trading Platform

Blocknubie will provide an integrated solution to enable users to trade on its platform from FIAT to Crypto to FIAT. Blocknubie’s Trading Platform will allow users to deploy, list, buy, sell, and store their digital assets on a secure and compliant platform.

Our trading platform bridges the gap by acting as a gateway between the traditional world of finance and the new digital economy. Blocknubie will benefit economically by participants trading on the platform.

The platform will support and deploy compliant ALT Coins that come through the Blocknubie platform in addition to compliant tokens from platform such as Etherium, Stellar, and EOS. Blocknubie offers a variety of dashboard features, advanced trading tools and analytics for investors.

Blocknubie Wallet (in addition to storing Blocknubie Tokens ) will also have the facility to securely hold USD, GBP and EUR along with other cryptocurrencies BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, DASH, LTC and ALT coins generated from our platform for conversion and exchange into Blocknubie Tokens.

Blocknubie Token Sale

The total supply of Blocknubie tokens that will ever be created is 2,000,000,000. All Blocknubie tokens will be generated in a seed block and distributed according to the details below. The information provided on token creation, process, allocation and use of sale proceeds is the current plan, but is subject to change at Blocknubie’s discretion.

Public Contribution
58% of all Blocknubie tokens minted during the contribution period will be distributed to the public.

Blocknubie Venture Fund
5 % of the Blocknubie tokens minted during the contribution period will be allocated to the Blocknubie Startup Fund. This investment fund will be utilised to support and develop technology startups and entrepreneurs.

Reserve and Team
15% of the Blocknubie tokens minted during the contribution period will be reserved to support Blocknubie liquidity , incentives for team and economic purposes designated by management.

Blocknubie Founders
20 % of the Blocknubie tokens minted during the Contribution Period will be allocated to the Blocknubie Founders and Core Team.

2 % of Blocknubie tokens will be allocated for Advisors.

Token Sale
Reserve and Team
Blocknubie Venture Fund

Project Budget

  • 45% Development

    45% of the funds will be allocated to research and development. As this is integral to the performance of the platform, it is imperative the core network is fully functional and can scale to meet demand at initial launch. Part of this allocation will be used for Security purposes and Quality Assurance (QA) by in-house QA teams and external auditors.

  • 30% Marketing

    30% of funds will be allocated for marketing, global user acquisition and for corporate promotion through media channels.

  • 20% Operations

    Operations will account for 20% of the funds

  • 5% Legal

    A total of 5% funds will be kept to pay for legal and setup costs.

Roadmap and Milestones

Q1 2019
Initial seed fundraising Begin Partnering for marketplace
Q1 2020
Public Offering
Q3 2020
4,500 community target
Q2 2019
Delivery of platform modules
Q1 2020
Ongoing delivery of platform modules
Q2 2020
Onboarding Startups & off chain partners

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