The missing element that binds patients and their health records

Blocknubie provides self-sovereign electronic healthcare records by using the latest advances in distributed ledger technology and online identity management.

Blocknubie Vault

Patient Vault Application

Blocknubie Vault accelerates the digital transformation for healthcare entities by converting paper-based processes to online, digital forms that can be executed anytime, anywhere on any device. Through a simple, intuitive form-building interface, this blockchain product lets healthcare professionals create and host their own online patient forms. The form author creates questions and selects the type of answer (text, number, date, etc.). They can differentiate between optional and required fields as well as indicating what represents a valid answer. This rapid, template form building approach accelerates the digital transformation for client organizations by empowering them to move away from error-prone and environmentally unsound paper-based processes. Documents such as patient records, contracts, agreements and approvals needing verifiable signatures can be published in minutes using Blocknubie Vault.

Blocknubie Health

Blocknubie Health Application

Blocknubie Healthcare Module is used by HEIs to issue patients their medical records. In this sense the HEIs act as Issuers of data to Holders (patients). The software acts as a translation device between the proprietary data standard used by individual institutions and the HL7 standard used by the Blocknubie Vault. The module works in both ways ensuring that the institutions can both issue data and consume it as well in the cases where a patient comes to their institution. The module also allows for manual input of data for first time issuance or transcription from legacy records into new digital electronic health records. Moreover, it ensures the highest levels of data security and patient privacy by employing blockchain to safeguard patient health information.

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