Blocknubie is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for the Health Sector.

Blocknubie’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform enables businesses in the health sector to avail of a suite of advanced AI solutions to integrate, accelerate, automate and scale their organization

What is Blocknubie?

Blocknubie provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable organisations to stay at the forefront of the technological revolution and ensure competitive advantage. Blocknubie’s AI solution provides organizations with the capability to analyse their data and take decisions with a high degree of autonomy to achieve organisation goals.

Blocknubie is to AI what Google is to information, what Netflix is to content and what Amazon is to online sales platforms.

AI is a technology of strategic importance and a key driver of economic development. AI can solve many societal and corporate challenges. Blocknubie accelerates organisation’s success by unlocking the hidden value in data. Blocknubie’s AI platform provides the necessary infrastructure and technology to extract rich, actionable roadmaps from complex datasets.

By scaling powerful product solutions to meet demand, Blocknubie’s systems keep costs low and performance high. Blocknubie makes AI affordable for


Despite the varying effects of the COVID-19 pandemic across different industries, the global market for artificial intelligence  (AI) software will expand to $98.8 billion by 2025. That number is an increase by a factor of six from $16.4 billion in 2019. The AI software market has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years a number of sectors like healthcare are accelerating AI adoption

Organizations will have to move quickly if they want to capitalize on the openings and ensure their business doesn’t lose out to faster-moving and more cost-efficient competitors

Blocknubie helps businesses grow quickly and scale by providing access to enterprise strength Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Processing Automation, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology.

Previously such technologies were the preserve of very large companies with deep pockets, but Blocknubie is now democratizing access to these powerful tools through its accessible and affordable platform.

Blocknubie AI Audit helps the organization hone the best version of their business model time and again. This is the new way to drive business expansion and competitive advantage. Blocknubie provides enterprise-grade AI solutions to allow users to develop and present the very best enterprise version of their business.


Technical Overview and Platform Highlights

The user logs onto the platform and uploads (or uses our drag and drop function) information on their business/organization , which can be in word , png , jpeg format and simple inputs such as website details.

Blocknubie NLP processes and analyses this information and produces a custom AI roadmap. The outputs are a set of operational steps ( or processes) to help integrate/adopt AI into the users business model.

The AI Audit will also identify the AI solutions that blocknubie provides for deployment , effectively the most relevant to the user needs, current capabilities and requirements.

Feature Set

Blocknubie AI provides organizations with the following:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • A portfolio of Modular Applications
  • API Layer for AI integration
  • Managed Dashboard for real-time updates
  • Secure Database Management System

User inputs.
Ideation service.

Blocknubie identifies the organization’s functions, processes and tasks that are highly repetitive and which can be automated. Blocknubie then assesses the system design cycle and configuration time and the financial value of the AI implementation.

User Realtime update.
Dashboard service.

Blocknubie will add AI capabilities to the organization’s existing products and services. This could take the form of a pilot project, where Blocknubie will apply an AI solution to a small sample data first and incrementally add additional data to prove value and expand accordingly. Blocknubie analyses the impact on the organization before greater or full AI adoption.

User Outputs.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service.

Blocknubie will cleanse the organizations legacy data and consolidate their data sets. Blocknubie will provide secure storage and integrate with high volumes of additional data to build more accurate models. Blocknubie will monitor, maintain and augment the users AI strategy in real time through our AI dashboard.

Project Budget

  • 45% Development

    45% of the funds will be allocated to research and development. As this is integral to the performance of the platform, it is imperative the core network is fully functional and can scale to meet demand at initial launch. Part of this allocation will be used for Security purposes and Quality Assurance (QA) by in-house QA teams and external auditors.

  • 30% Marketing

    30% of funds will be allocated for marketing, global user acquisition and for corporate promotion through media channels.

  • 20% Operations

    Operations will account for 20% of the funds

  • 5% Legal

    A total of 5% funds will be kept to pay for legal and setup costs.

Key Executives

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